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PEnPAL in Translation

PEnPAL - Portuguese - English Platform for Anthologies of Literary Translation aims to create an online platform that offers pedagogical support for literary translation, while contributing for innovative scholarly research in contrastive linguistics and in comparative literature. Based on process-oriented training, the project assumes that literary translation can be perfected as a collaborative activity developed in an online and open access environment. It involves the collaboration of several universities offering translation degrees in Portugal – FLUL, U FLUL, ULusófona, UCatólica Portuguesa, FCSH/UNova, UMinho – research centres – ULICES, CETAPS, CEHUM, CECC – and the support of the Camões Institute.


The source texts available in this platform will constitute collectively-built anthologies of texts focusing on narratives of displacement, cultural and interlingual exchange between Lusophone and Anglophone space, and the resulting translations are meant to bridge the fields of translation and diaspora and to broaden the target literary system(s). The first ongoing volume comprises Luso-North-American literature, which the team will also promote through national, academic and literary publications.

The project relies also on an interactive bottom-up method that takes up translation issues raised by students about their texts to feed a database of transfer difficulties and problems between source and target languages, whose analysis and possible solutions in turn fall into categories that help students systematize important features involved in textual analysis, discursive conventions and contextual assessment. These features will constitute entries of a database, an invaluable asset supplying an effective contrastive grammar for the language pair, with the advantage of being cumulative, cross-referenceable and re-adjustable.

In addition to the problem of transference between languages, this platform will also be used to reflect on the challenges posed by heterolingualism and the multiplicity of registers. To serve this purpose, we will create a repository where written examples of non-standard discourses in literary texts will be made available for fictionalized writing and translation. Other aims include research on English-Portuguese diasporic literatures as well as the training of graduate researchers. In addition to moving among different disciplinary fields, the project will encourage cultural and artistic attitudes congenial to literary translation, promoting contact between translators, authors and readerships.



> Anthology:

Nem Cá Nem Lá: Portugal e América do Norte Entre Escritas, Lisboa: Edlp. 2016.


University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES)